The iControlStandard panel is the mechanical panel of the iControl series, with which your irrigation system can be controlled manually. All its operator controls are electromechanical devices, easily operated, with highly durable control knobs and buttons.

The panel incorporates high-quality electrical components and the most advanced technology, for effective supervision and administration of the irrigation of your crops. It’s founded upon wide experience in the field, of thousands of panels distributed all over the world, and thanks to our awareness of the needs and concerns of our clients.

The iControlStandard panel integrates iControlRemote as an option, with no need for any further adjustment.


  • It incorporates remote control using iControlRemote as an option.
  • It allows the basic functions of the pivot to be controlled through its devices.
  • Durability and reliability: The panel is manufactured from the best components to extend its useful life.
  • Simple to use and easy to operate.

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