iControlLite is the control panel designed to be an excellent solution by offering a simple way to operate irrigation systems. It has been developed to work in systems with minimum functions that do not require complex operations.

It works perfectly in low-cost projects in which customers simply need to change the direction and speed of the machine, without any more advanced operations.

This panel is iControlRemote-ready, which allows the device to be installed easily and economically at any time and enjoy all the benefits of remote monitoring and control. 

WHY DO YOU NEED iControlSimple?

  • Its low investment cost and simple operation make this panel an appropriate alternative for usage with circular pivots that only require the most basic operations of controlling speed and setting the direction.
  • This panel is an ideal choice for replacing others in older pivots.
  • Offers growers an entry-level panel with a small investment.
  • Requires little attention and minimum maintenance.
  • The panel is iControlRemote-ready.
  • Troubleshooting the panel is easy.

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