iControlRemote is the state-of-art technology designed to easily manage your irrigation systems remotely, without changing your existing control panel.

iControlRemote.com website allows you to monitor the current status of your irrigation system including current end pressure, speed percentage, angle, endgun, total running and total hours with water.

iControlRemote displays your historical operations in a graphical format to help you easily visualize the status of your irrigation systems during the growing season.

WHY DO YOU NEED iControlRemote?

  • Saves your time and reduces operational costs.
  • Controls the irrigation performance from your computer, portable or smartphone.
  • Easy to use, anywhere and anytime.
  • It can be used with all the pivot brands available in the market.

And also, iControlRemote Wireless is a robust and dependable product that presents an especially valuable alternative for those projects with a significant number of pivots and/or whose operators do not have mobile coverage in all the machines.

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